Using Authority Content and Rankings to Become a Thought Leader Online

How Riseoak helped Microstrategy write authority content and obtain google rankings to become a thought leader online for enterprise mobility management.

Client Overview

MicroStrategy (Nasdaq: MSTR) is a leader in enterprise analytics and mobility software. It is a publicly traded company (Nasdaq: MSTR) with its headquarters in Tysons Corner, VA and with over 3,000 employees.


Executive Summary

MicroStrategy wanted to become a thought leader online for Enterprise Mobility Management. RiseOak wrote a comprehensive 3,200-word article on Enterprise Mobility Management for the MicroStrategy website. After the article was uploaded to the site, we created backlinks to help rank this article on Google.

  • The article is now at
  • This article ranks on the first page of Google for keywords such as ‘Enterprise Mobility Management’, ‘EMM Technology’ and ‘Enterprise Mobility Definition’.
  • MicroStrategy is now considered a thought leader online for Enterprise Mobility Management and related topics.


Writing the article in a manner that it is well researched, comprehensive and easy to read for humans while being optimized for search engines was a challenge. After the article was live, reaching out to high authority website owners in the same niche as the article and convincing them to provide links from their website to our article in a manner that the links are optimized for Google was a challenge.


We started by looking at what people are searching on Google around ‘Enterprise Mobility Management’

We then did a deep dive into the topic of Enterprise Mobility Management, looking at the history, current state, and future trends. We used our research to write a 3200-word article on this topic that is an excellent read for anyone interested in this subject while having an optimized structure for search engine rankings.

RiseOak provided MicroStrategy the article, images and a metadata sheet that gave details on how to optimize the write-up on the website for search engines.

After the article was live, we started our link building campaign. We reached out to owners of websites that were powerful and relevant for Enterprise Mobility Management in the eyes of Google. We worked with these website owners to write related articles on their sites and get contextual links to the MicroStrategy article. The purpose of these links was to get the MicroStrategy article ranked on search engines.

Results and Future Plans

MicroStrategy created a page about ‘Enterprise Mobility Management Explained’ on their website based on our article.

In two months, the article started to rank on page one of Google for the main keyword ‘Enterprise Mobility Management’ and other related keywords such as ‘emm technology’ and ‘enterprise mobility definition’. This article and rankings helped make MicroStrategy become a thought leader online for Enterprise Mobility Management. Because of the success of this effort, MicroStrategy asked RiseOak to work on another similar campaign for two more articles.

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