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We help you grow your business using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to get in front of prospects already searching for your product or service on Internet search engines. Here is more information about this service and how we are different from other providers.

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What is SEO Services

When looking for a product or service, unless we have a referral we trust, most of us go on the Internet and do a search. We use a search engine to do this search and Google is by far the search engine that is used the most. SEO is what is done to get in front of your potential customers searching on a search engine for your product or service using an organic listing.

When someone searches on a search engine such as Google, the results that come up include paid ads and organic listings.

Organic listings consist of the maps listings as well as the listings below the maps that are not ads.

SEO is trying to come up on these maps listings as well as other listings that are not paid ads when a prospect is searching for your product or service.

What is Done When Doing SEO

To influence a search engine to show your website when a prospect is searching for your product or service, we need to indicate to the search engine that your website is both relevant and authorities for the search phrases (keyword) that the prospect is searching.

So, an SEO project involves increasing the relevance and authority of your website for keywords your prospects will be using.


We tell search engines that your site is relevant for certain keywords by having these keywords appropriately placed in certain places on the framework of your website. Also, getting other relevant websites put a link to your website in manner that transfers some of the relevance to your website helps.


Authority is the power of your site for certain keywords. If there are two sites that are equally relevant for a certain keyword, the search engine will show the site that is more authoritative or powerful above the other.

This authority is built by getting other already powerful and relevant sites to link to you. A link is an endorsement. The more links you have to your site, the more powerful it is. 



There are several reasons why SEO should be the focus of your marketing efforts if you are in a niche where your potential customers are searching for your offering online.

More Profitable

If you put an ad on a search engine, you have to pay the search engine for each click. This can get expensive fast. But you do not have to pay the search engine for prospects you get through your organic listings.

Has Natural Compounding Effect

Once your site moves up in rankings for a keyword, as long as the SEO is done right, the site starts to rank for other related keywords as well. So, your site starts to rank for more and more related keywords getting more and more relevant traffic.

Trusted by Prospects

Some prospects tend to disregard and skip ads that show up on search engines. In fact, some people have installed ad blockers on their browser that prevent ads from showing up when they search.

However, these prospects that do not trust ads embrace organic listings as the sources for good, valid information.

Stamp of Approval

Appearing on the top of Google for a search term that is relevant for your business means that one of the largest companies in the world, Google, is presenting your company as the number one company in that category. Some prospects would consider this high ranking as a stamp of approval when deciding on a vendor.



Our Methods

Laser focused Expertise for Exceptional Results

There are a lot of methods of online marketing that work. However, to be really good at one of these methods you have to focus on it to keep up with the latest techniques and have a detailed and nuanced understanding of what works.

I am a ‘T’ shaped marketer with specialized expertise in Search Engine Optimization. By ‘T’ shaped I mean that I am knowledgeable in all aspects of marketing techniques, but my deep knowledge and expertise is in SEO.

In order to be good at any specific technique in marketing such as SEO, you need to be knowledgeable of general marketing concepts and other marketing techniques. However, I would not consider myself an expert in these other marketing techniques as it is not possible to be a true expert if you spread your focus in too many areas.

I consider SEO to be one of the best online marketing methods and I strive to be one of the best in the world in Search Engine Optimization.

Trying to be the one of the top SEO consultants in the world means that I constantly spend considerable resources growing my skills and doing research in this area.

Ongoing R&D for The Most Effective SEO Methods

SEO is changing. But most of so called ‘SEO experts’ are still using methods that ‘used to work’.

For example, when it comes to building links, what most SEO practitioners still focus on is the anchor text profile of the links. If you do not know what the anchor text profile is, just google it or do not worry about it unless you want to be an SEO expert yourself.

What is working now in terms of building links is the properties of the links, in addition to the anchor text profile. There are a few key elements you need to consider when evaluating whether a link has the relevant properties. A hint is that most of these properties are not available in any SEO tool and only a very few SEOs know what these properties are.

Figuring out what is working in SEO requires painstaking testing. It is difficult to create environments where only one variable is changed with regards to ranking on search engines and track these changes over a long period of time. You have to be a kind of geek in this area.

I spend a lot of my time and money collaborating with a few true SEO experts in the world that are not only know what they are doing but also are excited to share their knowledge.

Built on a Solid Foundation to Accelerated Results

Establishing a proper SEO framework for your site is critical to achieve rankings faster and to rank for more keywords. Most SEO’s do not know or spend adequate time at the beginning of a project to set up the right SEO frame for the site.

We make it a critical component of a project to spend adequate time at the start of the project to establish the proper SEO foundation even if it means doing some major changes to the website.

No Shortcuts

In SEO there are some tactics that can be fast but only work for a short period of time. These methods can be considered as ‘tricking’ the search engine and often referred to as Black Hat SEO.

Black Hat SEO can be good because it is fast. But the downside is that this type of SEO is not long lasting and in fact backfire in the long run. There are situations where this type of SEO can be useful where you want to do a quick promotion and profit from it in the near term.

However, we focus on SEO techniques that are safe and stick long term. These types of SEO method are often referred to as White Hat SEO and tends to take longer.

With the kind of SEO methods we use, we are not concerned about search engine algorithm changes as the our methods are based on foundations that search engines use to determine which pages to rank.

Personal Involvement

When I take on an SEO project I am personally involved in all aspects of the project.

Some SEO agencies offer very low-cost options as after they take on a project they get junior technicians to follow templated approaches to perform the SEO tasks in a mindless manner.

There are other SEO agencies that take on projects and outsource the project for fulfilment.

Well, the above scenarios are not the case with me. When I take on a project I look into all aspects of the project and I’m involved in implementing the next steps of the strategy based on my expertise in a manner that is customized for each client based on their current needs.


Components of an SEO Project

On-Page SEO

You need to indicate to search engines that your site is relevant for keywords that your potential customers will use in search engines. This relevance is achieved through on-page SEO.

On-page SEO is done by have relevant keywords in appropriates places in appropriates ratios in the structure of your site.

On-page SEO is usually done at the start of a project. Most of the on-page SEO does not have to be done again.
Unlike most other SEOs, I spend a lot of time up front on this phase of the project as it is very important to get the proper structure on your site. Having a proper foundation on your site will pay off big time on all other SEO work you do in the future.

Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO is mostly used to assign power or authority for your site for the relevant keywords. This is done by getting other already powerful and relevant sites to link to your site in an appropriate manner.

As mentioned above, the proper form of linking has changed over time and most SEOs are still not aware of what is really working now when it comes to building links.

You need to consider the power of the link, the anchor text profile and most importantly, the properties of the links that make it relevant for your keywords.

Engagement SEO

Search engines track how engaged visitors are when they come to your site. If a visitor that comes to your site after searching for a keyword on a search engine is engaged with the content and spends more time on the site, this is a good signal for the search engines that your content is what the visitor was looking for.

More engaging content on you site results in visitors spending more time on your site results in search engines getting more positive signals results in better rankings.

The best and easiest way to make your site more engaging is to have videos on your site. Videos also help rank and get traffic on YouTube which is the second largest search engine in the world next to Google.