About RiseOak

RiseOak has been helping B2B MSPs and SaaS companies grow using cutting-edge digital marketing strategies since 2012.


Help B2B MSPs and SaaS companies grow by maximizing their online presence.

Core Values

  1. Maximize client value: The core principle guiding all our decisions is to increase the value we provide to our clients.
  2. Systemize success: We believe that documenting all processes is critical for their success to be replicated and enhanced.
  3. Be curious: All aspects of online marketing are changing, and it’s crucial for us to learn and adapt.

RiseOak: The Name's Meaning

We chose the name RiseOak because we stand for massive growth built on a solid foundation, just like a rising Oak tree. An Oak tree begins as a tiny seed and grows into a gigantic tree. This growth is stable, and these trees last for thousands of years. Similarly, at RiseOak we aim to create massive growth for our clients grounded on a solid, long-lasting foundation.

The RiseOak Community

Our culture is unique. We blur the boundaries between ‘team’ and ‘client’ to foster a sense of unity, which we refer to as ‘community’.

RiseOak Community

Our dynamic team brings together digital marketing strategists, creative content creators, seasoned link builders, and a robust technical development team. Each member plays a crucial role in fulfilling our comprehensive service offerings.

  • Numerous digital marketing certifications from Google and IBM.
  • Over 20 years of experience in digital marketing.
  • 4 US patents.
  • Degrees from universities such as Johns Hopkins, Kingston University, University of Staffordshire, Colby College and Colombo Campus.


Our clients include MSPs such as Ntiva, SpectrumWise, BoomTech, ShipshapeIT, Welsh Consulting, Data-Tech, and TCG Network Services. And SaaS companies such as MicroStrategy, Cisco, Relatient, Roundtrip, TravelBank, and NeuroFlow.

  • Fortune 100 companies.
  • G2 Crowd category winners.
  • CRN MSP 500 award winners.
  • Channel Futures MSP 501 winners.

Managing Partner

Prasanna Perera is involved in all aspects of RiseOak. With over a decade of experience, he specializes in helping MSPs and B2B SaaS companies grow online. He operates at the forefront of Digital Marketing, utilizing the latest AI technologies to build on core marketing concepts.

Perera holds an MBA in General Business and an MSc (Hons) in Computer Science from Johns Hopkins University, USA, along with a BA in Computer Science from Colby College, USA.


Indika De Silva is in charge of both human resources and the operational activities of the business. With a wealth of knowledge and experience under her belt, she specializes in creating, building, and nurturing high-performing teams. She also assists with the day-to-day operations of the business.

De Silva earned her MA from Kingston University and her BSc from Staffordshire University.

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