Quick Results from Search Engine Optimization

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So can I get fast results from search engine optimization? So the answer is that it depends, right?

So as a general rule of thumb, when we’re talking about search engine optimization, we are asking search engines like Google to advertise your business for free in front of hundreds, or thousands, or sometimes even more, people who are actively looking for a product or service, right? So that is basically the competition to getting this free advertising. So it does take time, right? We are talking about months in general.

But sometimes you can, you can get quick wins. And this is mostly based on on page optimization done, right? So what I see very often is that most people don’t know what are the key elements of on page optimization. So either they overcomplicate this, or they do not pay much attention to this at all. So you need to find out the key components of on page optimization, and make sure that you do it right and then this could result to fast results, right? 

So for example, let me show you an example.  Now, this is a client that we started to work with recently, and this is a client that is based in New York, right? So this is a very competitive market. So based on the on page optimization work that we did, this client’s ranking for their main keyword basically jumped from around position 19 to number one.

So almost a 20% jump in a day, right? And then like you can see, after this ranking jump, it is constant. This is just not like a one time, quick fix thing. This ranking jump is real, right? And basically, it’s a 20% jump within a day. So all this was done based on good on page optimization, right?

So basically just to summarize, make sure that we’re not doing a search engine optimization project. Do the on page optimization properly at the beginning of the project, and that this can often lead to getting some rapid, quick results.

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