How Not to Use AI-Generated Content

The use of AI for content creation has brought more and more confusion. To be fair, Google has repeatedly attempted to clarify its view on the use of AI in content creation. Still, there is a general confusion about whether you should use AI content, how to use it and whether this practice carries a penalty.

In this post, we’ll discuss how not to use AI content and later share some expert insights into the proper use of AI content in alignment with Google’s guidelines.

What is Google’s Stance on Using AI Content?

Google Search’s guidance about AI-generated content clearly states:

Our focus is on the quality of content rather than how content is produced.”

Google's official stance on AI content

Initially, this was not the case and has evolved over time. Before, Google regarded any AI-generated content as spam. But, today, their official stand is that it doesn’t really matter how the content is generated. It has to be of good quality.

Ethical Use of AI in Content Generation: Case Study

The problem with using AI in content creation comes when you rely too much on technology to generate a large volume of content just to create a rapid increase in traffic and rankings. Eventually, that is going to backfire and yield short-lived results. is a good example of this. They boasted about creating a lot of AI-generated content and rapidly increasing their rankings and getting a lot of traffic. At one point, they were getting over one million in traffic per month using AI.

linkedin post

They were rapidly creating AI-generated pages. They were also rapidly increasing in their traffic and rankings and eventually, the algorithm caught up to them and they had a complete crash. 

Ranking drop

How to Use AI in Content Creation

Using AI as your co-pilot for:

  • Creating the initial draft
  • Research purposes
  • Fixing grammar and spelling errors

Is beneficial and arguably necessary to remain competitive as everyone is using the technology. So, in a nutshell, using AI is fine and we have some guidelines in terms of how to use AI content properly.

The Takeaway

Using AI to create a ton of content rapidly to gain rankings traffic is a big no-no. But, using AI as a copilot to create the initial version of the content and to do research, to fix grammar issues, and remain competitive is something that you should do – if you’re not doing it already.

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