Is Sponsoring Your MSP on Worth It?

Often, MSPs ask whether to get a paid listing on Clutch. In a nutshell, listing your MSP business on directories like Clutch for free is a good idea as part of the strategy to rank your site at the top.

So, the question now shifts to a paid listing. Does it have a similar or greater impact on your website’s rankings? Let’s explore this matter in more detail.

Is a Paid Listing Worth IT?

Investing in a paid listing is worthwhile only if ranks at the top or near the top of the search results for your searches as demonstrated with this simple experiment: 

Go to Google and search for “IT support [YOUR CITY]” or “managed IT services [YOUR CITY]”. 

For example, a search for “IT support Chicago” may not display among the top results.

SERP for IT support chicago

A search for IT support Dallas may also not feature Clutch in the top search results. 

Similar searches, e.g. “IT support Philadelphia” may show Clutch listed among the top five results.

SERP for IT support Philadelphia

In either case, note the top search results and assess if appears prominently.

In a situation where the Clutch directory appears near or right at the top for your city for these searches, it makes sense to get a paid listing in addition to getting your own website ranked at the top.


Sponsoring your MSP business on alongside getting your website ranked at the top can complement your efforts to boost your website’s visibility and attract more leads.

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